Hurt Visits Lifelong Berne Friend...

Hurt Visits Lifelong Berne Friend on Thursday Afternoon

By Jim Langham

The Berne Witness

Kokomo attorney and state politician Mark Hurt was in Berne on Thursday afternoon to visit lifelong college friend, Roger Muselman, buddies since their Taylor University days. Hurt was in route to the Republican Lincoln Day Dinner in Decatur.

Most recently, Hurt has decided to run for the Republican challenge of the Indiana Senate seat currently occupied by Democrat Joe Donnelly in the 2018 off-year election.

Hurt was a well-known basketball player with Madison-Grant High School. He began his education at Anderson University and then transferred to Taylor University, where he and Muselman met and bonded a continuing friendship.

Hurt said that one of the most important things he has done in his own life is run his own business for the past 20 years. During that time he has been running law offices between Kokomo, where he resides with his wife, Nancy, and adopted children Daniel and Anna, and Noblesville.

Hurt said that he realizes that there is a big difference between working in the private sector and public service, but he feels that now is the time to offer himself for public service. He noted that his plan is to travel through Indiana and meet individuals to create a true grass roots, populist campaign.

“We need a newfound respect for the separation of government powers, the state rights, and for the idea that the state exists to preserve freedoms,” noted Hurt. “We also need a reborn realization from the duty of the judiciary is to say what the law is not and what the law should be.”

Hurt purposed to attend Taylor University originally because of all of the times he had attended the basketball camps and mission conferences at Taylor University.

When he arrived at Taylor, Hurt declared a double major in coaching and social studies education. Some of the most impactful times, said Hurt, were the late night discussions in the old Sammy Morris Hall with his roommate, Jim Russell, a missionary kid from Peru.

Following graduation from Taylor, Hurt taught for a year in Wabash before deciding to go for a two-year graduate program at Baylor University.

Hurt said that he has always believed that public engagement in Christian issues is the only way to show obedience to the scriptures in spreading the good news of the Gospel.

“If we’re going to get involved in the public service arena, we have to ask how we can treat the other side with respect and have an element of civility,” Hurt said, “We don’t have all the answers and we have to rely on the Bible as the absolute Word of God.”

Hurt said that one his most passionate issues is strengthening our support of Israel in the Middle East.

“I feel like we threw Israel under the bus for the past eight years,” said Hurt. “We need to work against ISIS but we really need to stand up for Israel. I would like to see a big change in our foreign policy to peace through strength rather than peace through weakness. We really need to do all we can to strengthen border security of Israel.”