Senate Candidate Visits Optimist Club

Jennifer Peryam - 2017

Republican Senate Candidate Mark Hurt spoke Thursday to Huntington Optimist Club members about his 2018 run for Senate against Joe Donnelley.  He spoke at Habecker Dining Commons at Huntington University. He also made a stop at Nick's Kitchen and Bippus Bank.

Hurt, 54, Kokomo, said the primary is May 2018, and the election is November 2018.  He announced on Feb. 1 in Indianapolis that he was running for Senate.  He is an attorney at law for Mark Hurt Attorney At Law and handled the medical device and pharmaceutical committee for Senator Dan Coats in the 1990s.  He graduated from Taylor University and then earned a master's degree from Baylor University in political science.

After graduating from the Detroit College of Law at Michigan State, he returned to Indiana to practice law in 1998. For 17 years, he as also served as a part
time deputy prosecuting attorney for Indiana.

“Senator Coats was two votes short of stopping the Iranian Nuclear Agreement and I believe Iran is going to escalate violence in the Middle East,” Hurt said.  If passed it would have lifted sanctions on Iran shipping uranium.

“I don't think we should open the door to Iran having a nuclear weapon and I believe we need to be a strong ally to Israel,” Hurt said. He said he does not support abortion and does not like that Donnelly supported tax payer funded abortion.

Another issue important to him is Obamacare.

“There is about 25 billion in taxes on medical device companies and I think portions of the medical device tax need to be amended and the health savings account could be used instead of people being required to pay for healthcare,” Hurt said.  He said community health centers need to be built on that assist those who are poor or who do not have insurance.
 Hurst said there is a shortage of mental health counselors and physicians for the mentally ill.

“Helping the mentally ill means more hospital beds and more primary care doctors,” Hurst said  Matt Ditzler, Optimist Club president, said the purpose of the club is to support youth organizations such as Parkview Huntington Boys and Girls Club, Salvation
Army Basketball Clubs and the YMCA.

The club meets Thursdays at noon at Habecker Dining Commons.

“It's always great to have candidates speak to us and help us have an informed opinion,” Ditzler said.

“It's important for the candidates to come to get people informed.”