Brazil Times: Rep. U.S. Senate candidate seeks to simplify federal government

Mark Hurt, a Republican conservative from Kokomo, said he would like to see the current “unsustainable” role of the federal government reduced. He also said, “We’ve lost separation of powers” and that the executive branch has become too powerful.

Hurt spoke to a group of about a dozen people at the Clay County Fairgrounds on Thursday night.

He mentioned the other four Republicans running for the U.S. Senate seat Dan Coats (R-Indiana) is leaving but his opponent is Democrat Joe Donnelly who is running for re-election in November.

Hurt contrasted himself with Donnelly in various ways, including abortion. Hurt claimed that while Donnelly says he is pro-life, his voting record doesn’t show it.

Hurt also spoke about the looming threat to shut down the federal government if a budget deal isn’t passed.

Hurt said this scenario is raised periodically. Congress then passed a budget bill that also contains a great many items that a relatively few people really want.

Hurt said there needs to be transparency in budget planning on the federal level, not what he called the current “robotic voting” where members of Congress vote the way their party leadership tells them to vote.

He spoke a little on health care and said the record keeping required of doctors “is totally out of whack.”

Hurt also predicted voter turnout in May and November will be very low because 2018 will not be a presidential election year.

While Congress can fall into the hands of the opposing party during an off-year election. Hurt believes that the Republicans will continue as the majority party in 2019.

Hurt’s campaign strategy is to use digital media (like YouTube) and social media to get the word out about his campaign.