Mental Health Reform

In regard to criminal justice reform, Hurt commended the foresight shown by then Governor Mike Pence and the Indiana legislature but noted that more remains to be done.

There is no co-pay and no deductible for patients, for example, receiving mental health care through the prison system. To that end, he commends the foresight of our elected officials in Indiana in starting an expansion of HIP 2.0 to those leaving the prisons and jails so expanded health care services, transportation, housing and counseling services—medicine evaluation and medical treatment—can occur through forensic diversion.  He reminds us that there are no Democrats, Independents or Republicans when it comes to mental health reform. The 20 year tax free bonds and building of the new neuro diagnostic center at the Community East campus in central Indiana was much needed.

Federally, Hurt is committed to working with the Indiana delegation to expand loan repayment and loan forgiveness for doctors and counselors willing to serve tours of duty in the field of mental health to help alleviate the acute shortage of mental health professionals serving those with mental illness in local communities. 

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