I Stand with israel...

Our relationship with the nation of Israel is rooted in over 70 years of economic success, military cooperation, and shared values. Ever since President Harry Truman was the first world leader to call Prime Minister David Ben-Gurion on May 14, 1948 to congratulate him on the founding of the Jewish state, this country has enjoyed a special relationship with the nation of Israel. As we look around the world at those countries with a true passion for freedom and democracy, rooted on fundamental human values, it is difficult to find an ally as staunch and resilient as this friend in the Middle East.  As such, the security of this small country (size of New Jersey) should be paramount in any international or United Nations negotiations.

Our support for any country should not be based purely on emotional or religious affiliations but on US national interests and on the fact that western, liberal democracies are truly a rarity in the Middle East. In a rough neighborhood of dictatorships and countries seeking its destruction, many of which do not recognize Israel’s very right to exist, mainly based on religious intolerance and visceral hatred, Israel has made the desert bloom with fertile scientific innovation, personal freedom, and religious tolerance. Indeed, 21% of the population of Israel is Arab, with 17% of the Arab grouping being Sunni Muslim. Ten recognized sects of Christians comprise over 2% and the rest are a series of religions ranging from Baha’i to Hindu. With very few restrictions, these diverse religious groupings coexist with complete freedom to worship as they see fit.

                   I hold firm to certain core beliefs regarding Israel:

1. Israel has an absolute right to exist as a Jewish State.

2. Israel has the sole right to decide its national borders not other nations or councils.

3. Jerusalem is the historic capital of Israel, and the American embassy should be located in that city as soon as feasible.

4. Iran is the largest state sponsor of terror in the world today. As such, Iran remains one of the greatest long term threats to both Israel and the United States, and must be prevented from ever acquiring nuclear weapons capability.

5. The nuclear non-proliferation accord struck with the Iranian regime at the behest of the Obama administration does not further this aim; indeed, it acquiesces to the eventual acquisition of nuclear weapons by Iran.  

6. I will support continuous security assistance to Israel, in the form of technology, weapons, and financial aid to prevent the region from becoming more of a breeding ground for terrorism that can spread to other Arab countries in the area and directly undermine American national security interests.

7. I support continued direct military assistance, like the Iron Dome missile defense system, which has proven successful in protecting Israeli civilians and military personnel from threats such as rockets launched from the Gaza Strip by Hamas.

8. A two state solution must not be imposed on Israel. A lasting peace in the region can only be achieved through direct bilateral negotiations between Israel and the Palestinians with good offices being provided by willing partners as requested by those two parties.

While foreign aid for many states around the world must be reduced as not being in the best security interests of the United States, aid for Israel must continue as long as Israel is an outpost of liberty surrounded by tyranny and violence in a chaotic region of the globe.

By standing firm for Israel, America stands for itself.



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