In the area of health reform, Hurt supports expansion of competition as a way to reduce the escalating cost of health insurance premiums and co-pays. 

While favoring elements of The Affordable Care Act, such as the elimination of limits for coverage for individuals with cancer, allowing for guaranteed renewability, the elimination of pre-existing conditions, and coverage for children up to age 26 on parental health care plans, Hurt supports repealing the Obamacare legislation. Hurt noted the billions spent on bureaucracy and taxes have hit small business especially hard. The small business markets have seen up to 70% increases in premiums.  

Hurt would like individual policies similar to catastrophic coverage under health savings accounts that allow Americans to buy riders to have added coverage for important areas such as maternity care, chiropractic coverage and many of the other items presently required through state mandates. Hurt would encourage more insurance companies to enter the markets and allowing businesses to build on business commonality, with insurance companies serving businesses operating across state lines with larger purchasing groups and greater negotiating power. 

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