Foreign Relations

Hurt, who earned a Master Degree focused on international relations from Baylor University, noted that America must maintain peace through strength and work with countries like Russia, in a more comprehensive and targeted plan to fight against terrorism. 

He envisions our having a unique opportunity to work with such countries to eliminate ISIS in the Middle East and Northern Africa.

Hurt encourages a new look and renegotiation of the Iranian Nuclear Agreement that is not a treaty under U.S. or international law.

Hurt states: “In foreign relations, these last 8 years, we lost respect among allies, enabling the rise and expansion of extreme ideologies. Given what is taking place in Iran, the lack of emphasis on our military strength is leading to an escalation in nuclear weapons and the expansion of terrorism. Hurt noted nearly 80% of the business profits flowing into Iran after the lifting of sanctions flows to companies and subsidiaries owned and managed by the Ayatollah and Iranian Revolutionary Guard. Hurt noted that Russia’s recent delivery of surface to air missile systems emplaced around the Iranian uranium enrichment facility, the increased Cyberattacks by both the Peoples Republic of China and Russia, the Russian expansion of military bases near large oil reserves in the Arctic, the attacks in the Ukraine and the positioning of Russian and Iranian tanks just above Israel’s norther border are disturbing and potentially destabilizing. Hurt noted that neither Russia nor the Peoples Republic of China have formal relations with the nation of Israel. Hurt believes in being a strong ally to Israel.

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