The NFL and Politics

In my effort to encourage your support for my candidacy as the republican challenger for the US Senate seat, I have published my position on several critical topics running the gamut from economics, veteran concerns, infrastructure, education, bipartisanship, the sanctity of human life, apprenticeships, support for the military, to climate change and other important topics. I hope that my stated positions on all these topics resonate with your passions as value centered Hoosiers and provides sound reasons for you to support me in my effort to become your candidate.  These stated positions and my acknowledged expertise in these various areas clearly separate me from others in our party courting your support and from the progressive positions of Joe Donnelly, who has been right there with Chuck and Nancy, and who, for eight years, was in President Obama’s service, siding with him in giving Iran a pass on its nuclear weapons program and voting in favor of Obama care and its Planned Parenthood supporting agenda.

"I stand with our veterans and understand that without the unum (the one) we fail to be a party or a nation."

With my passion for such important positions, why do I bring up the NFL? Isn’t that just a contemporary distraction that impacts very few people? Don’t I run the risk of alienating those in our state who back such player protests? The divisive nature of the NFL player protests, the anger in many quarters regarding players protesting abusive police policies, racial injustice, anti-war sentiment, the Star Spangled Banner, or just their visceral dislike of President Trump all have a common source that goes beyond the mere kneeling, sitting, or fist raising of petulant players during our national anthem. Their behavior is a product of our national culture’s disintegration and coarsening to one of division and separatism instead of the larger American team honoring a coherent set of values and a vision of a united Constitutional future.                                                   
As part of our national motto, the 13 letter phrase, e pluribus unum, “out of the many one,” has appeared on our Great Seal since its inception, and used to appear on our paper money. As a nation we have prided ourselves on bringing together dissonant groups into a Constitutional republic, united around a common set of shared values. What the current protests underscore is that in an effort to honor differences, we have sacrificed our national unum on the secular altar of diversity. Ever since Colin Kaepernick refused to stand for the National Anthem while a player for the 49’ers—a group of guys who get paid millions of dollars to play a game for our entertainment—this back-up quarterback has been heralded by one small divisive group after the next as their hero for disrespecting the symbol of our unity, the American flag, and the anthem that used to unite us as a much larger national team. He hasn’t been picked up by another team not because of racism or a lack of ability, but because a quarterback is the chief team builder in any franchise. It is he who is meant to unify a team around a common purpose. Kaepernick’s only purpose is himself and a sense of self-aggrandizement. Every owner recognizes that Kaepernick is a destructive force on any team that would hire him; he doesn’t build teams, he destroys them. That is why the 49’ers record is zero wins and six losses this season. He destroyed that once great franchise out of personal interest and feigned insult. He epitomizes the curse of pluribus run amok.

In that regard, Colin Kaepernick is merely emblematic of what has happened to our highly divided Republican Party and why with a republican in the Oval Office and a republican majority in both house of Congress, our elected representatives get nothing done. The democrats always manage to unite around a common progressive agenda to destroy our Constitutional republic with the ultimate purpose of scrapping the Constitution. Meanwhile the republicans form a circular firing squad every time a substantial piece of legislation gets started. We have the Never Trumpers, the RINOs (the democrat wing of the GOP), the...well, you name it. We fight against each other all the time and get no piece of legislation passed. The worst e pluribus divisions are in the Senate. I want to be your candidate to rebuild our national team. I value the e pluribus side of our culture with great fervor but most importantly I stand with our veterans and understand that without the unum (the one) we fail to be a party or a nation. As an independent value-centered Constitutional conservative, with no ties to any particular faction in our party, I will represent you, our party, our state, and our nation within the framework of our Constitution. I will work to rebuild our national team once again. Please work with me and give me your support.