No Funds for Harvey Victims

Let’s be clear, I hold firmly with President Reagan’s injunction not to criticize fellow Republicans.  For me to violate that personal standard requires an act of extraordinary duplicity on the part of those with whom I disagree.  This is one of those times.  Indiana Representatives Todd Rokita and Luke Messer recently voted to deny emergency funds to Texas in the wake of Hurricane Harvey’s devastation because the POTUS – President of the United States – remember him, the same POTUS who has put forth a conservative agenda worthy of President Ronald Reagan – allowed it to be linked to increasing the federal debt.  They will try to claim the high ground by saying that President Trump should not have worked with the Democratic leadership in Congress to get the funds approved by tying it to the debt increase in order to get Democrat support.  It is called compromise, my friends.  The same principle President Reagan relied on to get things done.
Let’s be clear why I disagree with their decision.  Congress, particularly the Republicans, have not been able to get the Republican platform passed:  Repeal Obamacare, cut income taxes, get rid of the death penalty, remove the repatriation tax on businesses, cut capital gains taxes, build the wall, and many other things you want accomplished.  After 8 years of hand wringing, Republicans had no plan to repeal Obamacare despite all their promises to do so, possibly because they were quietly preparing to work with Hillary Clinton when she won her inevitable victory.  Now Republicans have returned from an extended vacation with no evident plan for dealing with the inevitable debt ceiling increase.   That is irresponsible.  I do not believe we should politicize the hurricane victims; and furthermore, we have to be very careful about shutting down the government.  The Federal Reserve has driven the markets into what might be a bubble, and a credit downgrade could be a disaster.
Why did President Trump work with the Democrats?  Because Republicans have failed up to this point in time.  Had President Trump gone forward with a separate bill to fund disaster relief for FEMA, Democrats would have held up the funding and Republicans would wring their hands and whine.  Meanwhile they would not have had a plan to deal with the inevitable debt increase or legislation ready for the President and eventually it would have been raise anyway.  Want proof?  Look at the last thirty years.  It always happens.
President Trump, unlike Congress –yes, both houses – is a problem solver.   He will find a way to accomplish what he promised.  Nominate me as your Republican candidate for Senate and I will be your conservative voice to solve problems.