Defending Life At Every Stage

Are there any words in our language more divisive and potentially painful than this one? Positions on this moral issue can separate more friends and family than the last Presidential election. Money spent on funding the military, support for our veterans, apprenticeship education, support for term limits, infrastructure repairs, decreasing taxes, and so many other issues are fair game for politicians to debate and stake out positions on, or even for you to discuss with your neighbors at backyard barbecues or over a grande caramel macchiato at your local Starbucks. But…bring up abortion and you’ll watch the eyebrows go up, dark clouds gather, and bodies scatter for the wind. 

Part of the problem is that the issue is complex and for many a painful memory, and those in favor of a “Right to Choose” have elevated this rational issue—freedom of choice which sounds so noble—over the protection of human life, which is, at heart, a moral if not religious issue. As with many issues, opinions regarding abortion seem always to default to a limited understanding of science or religion, as though the two cannot be reconciled. Roe V. Wade is the law of the land. We are currently stuck with it, but the science available to the Justices in 1973—almost a half century ago—cannot begin to compare with the science we now know. For many among us, the decisions we made as young people, with limited knowledge, science, and experience, would not be the same decisions we would make today. We are far wiser. My personal belief is that if today’s science regarding life in the womb had been available to the Justices in 1973, they would have arrived at a different decision. Sometimes good people make bad decisions because of the lack of good data. As your Senator, I would support a relook at that decision. 

I will be clear; hold me accountable to this statement: I will defend human life from conception to the grave. Yes, I dare to believe with that voice from Holy Scripture in Jeremiah 1:5 that declares, "Before I formed you in the womb I knew you, before you were born I set you apart; I appointed you as a prophet to the nations."

Let me zero in on one specific issue about which I am passionate. Remember that organization that Democrats—his name is Senator Joe Donnelly—claim is all about women’s health, not abortion; it is called Planned Parenthood. The last really solid figures we have from them are for 2014, when Planned Parenthood admits to using the $ 553,700,000 in our tax money they received to abort 323,999 fetuses, and you paid for it. 

Many of you are parents. Do you want to know where your minor children are? Consider this. While it differs by state, seven states (California, Connecticut, Hawaii, Maine, Montana, Vermont, and of course New York) require NO notification or approval by parents for a minor daughter to obtain an abortion, but make it a criminal offense for that same minor to get a tattoo without such parental approval. Senator Donnelly is from New York, so it makes perfect sense that he would side with Pelosi (California) and Schumer (New York) with their support for abortion on demand at any time and having you pay for it, even when the minor demanding for you to pay for it is an illegal alien. That is not a Hoosier value. Sorry, Joe, you are not one of us.

I know you will be carefully considering whom you want to represent you in the US Senate. I want your vote and will be honored to represent you and your Hoosier values.