Shiny Object Mentality

Those of you who live with a cat know how Mr. Whiskers just loves shiny objects. Take a laser pen and flash it around the room and you can occupy a cat for hours. The media acts the same way, and sadly, too many politicians from both parties follow their lead in staying distracted from the real issues of the day—fixing the problems that we pay them to solve:

Trump didn’t actually win the presidential election

FBI Director Comey destroyed Hillary’s campaign.

The Russians corrupted the election.

Trump colluded with the Russians.

Trump is a racist.

General Flynn is a crook.

We need a Special Counsel.

Special Counsel investigates all Trump finances

Trump antagonizes Kim Jon-Un.

Mueller convenes a Grand Jury.

Republicans fail to pass Obama Care Repeal.

Trump with Jewish son-in-law, daughter, and grandkids hates Jews.

Trump is going to cause a nuclear war.

Trump is emotionally unstable.

Trump supports KKK and white Supremacists.

Trump pardons racist Joe Arpaio.

Trump is a Neo-Nazi.

Trump needs to be impeached.

Trump lets Texans die in aftermath of Harvey—well, maybe not yet, but just give it a week. It will come before the waters begin to recede.

And…as they would say on the old Seinfeld series, “Yada, Yada, Yada.”

And all the time…the majority of Republicans in the House and Senate sit on their hands and remain mute. They refuse to take ownership for their 50+ unanimous votes to repeal Obama Care when they could not be held accountable, criticize any effort to “Build the Wall,” attack Trump for everything he says, refuse to attack Antifa, a clearly fascist organization dedicated to the violent overthrow of our republic, permit clearly racist organizations like Black Lives Matter, the Ku Klux Klan and CAIR to go unscathed and unrecognized as terrorist organizations, fall back on the tired old line that the President just doesn’t understand how Congress works, and, as one commentator recently put it, if President Trump found a cure for cancer, Republicans—forget the Progressives, they are a lost cause—would find a way to criticize him for not doing it sooner. THEY ARE COMPLICIT WITH THE VERY SWAMP that America elected President Trump to drain. Term limits! Term limits! Term limits!

I do not always agree with President Trump and how he addresses the media, world leaders, and fellow republicans, but I will always support a President that was duly elected by the American People, the Constitution he has sworn to defend, and the platform issues on which he won the election. I am a real pro-life conservative.

If the republican majority in the House and Senate do not, in the very few legislative days remaining when they return from their lengthy August vacations, substantially reduce federal income taxes (forget tax reform, there is not enough time), double personal exemptions, reduce capital gains confiscatory rates, make all tax reductions retroactive to January 2017, fix Obamacare (they will still refuse to repeal and replace it), make themselves accountable to the very laws and regulations they impose on the rest of us, drastically reduce or repeal the corporate repatriation tax, and allocate funds to the construction of the wall, the Republicans will lose their majority in the House in the midterms, fail to gain seats in the Senate, and return Nancy Pelosi to the House leadership.

I know in Washington whoever controls the most money wins—that is a swamp denizen problem. Just because republicans control an over-bloated budget and misspent taxes does not make it right. True conservative Hoosiers do not want just a republican version of socialism; they want to return this county to greatness. Nominate me to represent Indiana as the true outsider republican nominee for the US Senate, and I will drive Obama and Pelosi supporting faux conservative Joe Donnelly from the Senate, the man who gave you Obama Care and the Iran nuclear fiasco, and be your true conservative Constitutional voice from Indiana to help ensure that the Trump agenda to Make America Great Again succeeds.