Hoosier Values and Change in Washington D.C.

I know you must be as tired as I hearing politicians in Washington DC and pundits in the media refer to the Midwestern states as “flyover” country – that part of our remarkable republic that matters very little when it comes to national elections – after all we are all so “vanilla” and unimportant!  Maybe the last presidential election will help to put a damper on that tired notion. 

Over the past few months, it has been my privilege to attend 4H fairs, parades and frequently speak at Lincoln Day events from Auburn and Elkhart in the north to Shoals and Jeffersonville in the south, and to crisscross our state from Lake County to Allen, Decatur, Blackford, and Steuben, to Hamilton, Bartholomew, Jennings, LaGrange, Cass, Clinton, Tipton, Marion and so many other counties.  What these trips have reinforced in my heart is the wonderful diversity of our state – aside from what seems to be a love for fried chicken, there is nothing vanilla about us.  This tapestry will come together at our Indiana State Fair in just a few weeks.

Where there is common ground among Hoosiers is a deep and abiding love for this country, a passion for helping others, a yearning to have a life freed from government overreach and excessive taxation, support for our military, and a desire to have our representatives in Washington take a principled conservative Constitutional approach to governance.  Exceptional organizations of every ilk are led by Vision and Values.  With your support, Vision and Values are the hallmarks I will bring to representing you as our next United States Senator.