Climate Change

North Korea is testing nuclear weapons and threatening to destroy the USA. U.S. forces are once again being killed in Afghanistan. Innocents of every faith are being murdered by ISIS butchers in Syria. Terrorists are running down innocents with trucks and attacking them with long knives in several countries. Children are being blown up while exiting concerts. This country is smothering under a national debt that President Obama and his Democratic friends like Joe Donnelly allowed to double over 8 years. Russia is once again trying to assert itself as an aggressive world power. Obamacare is hemorrhaging billions of dollars and healthcare insurers are disappearing faster than snowmen on an August day, and Iran is rejoicing in all the unaccounted bribe money that democrat President Obama gave them in totally unaccountable and probably illegal Euros, Rials, and Greenbacks, as part of a deal that Senator Joe Donnelly voted for after pledging 2 days earlier he would vote against. And what is Joe’s main concern?


Along with Maxine Walters, Nancy Pelosi, and Chuck Schumer, Senator Joe Donnelly thinks Climate Change is the greatest threat to world peace, and he thinks it is your fault. Stop driving, stop barbecuing, stop air conditioning your home, stop using fossil fuels, start riding bikes to work, and watch your energy bills skyrocket and jobs disappear. He refuses to acknowledge that climate change is a natural phenomenon that has always occurred and is waiting for the Maldives and no doubt your favorite beach resort on the east coast to be underwater. Now he is attacking republicans who would stand against him for reelection to be denying the consensus of “99% of climate scientists.” What does that gibberish even mean? Even the most progressive data gatherers—those who would be called “climate scientists”—tell us that the world’s climate has changed by at most 1.33 degrees over the last 100 years. Quick, grab your life preservers!


Even climate change’s greatest side show barker, Al Gore—he with an undergraduate degree in English and no science—was forced to admit in an interview last week that he may have exaggerated the apocalypse. Why? You be the judge, but having left the Vice Presidency making an income of $ 230,000 per year, he now has a wealth of well over  

$ 200,000,000.00 from hawking climate change movies and selling carbon offsets, while he and his wife live in a 20-bedroom Nashville home with an annual utility bill of

$ 29,000.00. In Indiana, we call that hypocrisy. What do you pay for utilities in your 3-bedroom home or apartment in Indiana?


Nowhere in science is the word “consensus” ever used, except in regard to climate change. It is what philosophers call a category mistake. Real science thrives on debate, challenge, dialectic, repeatability, and data or we would still be living under the consensus that the sun revolves around the earth. Has the per cent of “climate scientists” affirming climate change increased” over the last few years? Yes, by a small margin. Why? Because universities, agencies, and scientific publications have blackballed and denied tenure to anyone not bowing before this new idol. Disagree with those claiming climate change is manmade and you are gone—removed from the fraternity. No peer review exists in the climate change debate. Your percent decreases. Theirs increases even under common core math. Whenever you hear the word consensus, think religion or philosophy, NOT SCIENCE.


Let’s admit what the issue of climate change is really all about. It is nothing less than a global scheme to redistribute wealth. Russia, China, and India agreed to contribute nothing to a UN global fund as part of the unconstitutional Paris Accords and Obama agreed to contribute $ 3 billion dollars of your money immediately and approximately $ 100 billion over the next 10 years. Why is it an “Accord” not a treaty? Because the democrats—his name is Joe Donnelly—backed a scheme to have the President sign the agreement without ever having to go to the senate for approval because even right thinking democrats in that deliberative body would not have approved it. Joe Donnelly’s current TV ads that the democrat party is already blitzing your favorite TV shows with claim he is fighting for American jobs. To paraphrase a famous tweeter, “Joe, you were elected to save Hoosier jobs, not Parisian jobs.” That is an east coast value where you were raised. We Hoosiers think, believe, and act differently.       


- Mark Hurt