Foxes in the Henhouse

If any recent event screams for an outsider, a small businessman, to be sent to Washington to support President Trump’s agenda, the recent budget extension passed by the House does just that.  They could have worked something out. 


Why did you vote Republican in the general election?  You wanted to stop funding for Planned Parenthood; you wanted to lower taxes; you wanted to stop excessive Washington spending; you wanted to repeal Obamacare;  you wanted to increase military spending; and you wanted to build a wall.  I’m with you.  Promises and rhetoric are one thing; actions are another.  Remember that ancient phrase, “You shall know them by their works?”  The new budget extension passed by a Republican majority prohibits money being spent for a wall, continues to fund Planned Parenthood’s abortion, scrapes out only pennies for increased military spending, and adds billions to the deficit.


Republican representatives in the House voted over 50 times during Obama’s 8 years to repeal Obamacare.  Why was there unanimity in their votes?  Because many knew it would never pass the Senate or get past the Resolute Desk, so they would not be held responsible to back up their votes with action.  Now they are being demanded to be held responsible.  So, once again the Republican House majority is dictated to by Schumer and his minority band of merry progressives. 


In 1992, before the Health Savings Accounts existed, Senator Dan Coats wanted to push the concept of Medical Savings Account, something different in name.  As Senator Coat’s Senior Policy Analyst, I helped craft the Medical Savings Account which should be a part of the solution in replacing Obamacare.  We see it with MedShare and other creative health care plans.  The House passed health care bill lets people use their Health Savings Account to pay for over-the-counter medical expenses, something prohibited by Obamacare.  Annual limits on contributions to Health Savings Accounts will be allowed to match annual deductible and out-of-pocket expenses under catastrophic high deductible plans.  This works great for folks awaiting Medicare eligibility or for those who own or work at a small business.  Did you know nearly 70% of the uninsured work full time or part time or are a spouse or child of that  worker at a business with less than 50 employees.  We need to help these hard working Americans; we do not need billions more dollars in bureaucracy, more government programs and more government jobs in Washington DC.  I have other ideas on how to repeal and replace.  If you want to see my views go to, and I will  reveal new ideas as the campaign progresses.


Assets in Health Savings Accounts will likely reach $53 billion in 2018.  We must do more to allow hard working men and women to use these plans in a way that protects each person’s conscience and provides true insurance coverage for those in times of need. 


But back to my main point.  We all agree that Senator Donnelly must go.  The question is, who should represent Hoosiers in the midterms to take Donnelly’s seat.  There will be many people in the coming months asking for your support to represent our party.  I am an outsider to that environment; I have not been part of the system for the last 8 years.  I bring only a desire to speak for you.  I want to make a difference for you.  I ask for your support in running as your Republican nominee for the US Senate in the 2018 midterm elections.  Please visit and see my approach to solving our problems.   We need someone who is not serving in Washington DC to bring a fresh viewpoint to the U.S. Senate.


- Mark Hurt