"Honor and Support our Veterans"

Every elected official who runs to a microphone says this, but ask your veterans how they demonstrate that commitment on a daily basis.  I do not mean decent compensation for years spent away from their families risking their lives defending us, but the simple courtesy of being able to punch through the bureaucratic maze upon return to secure a renewed ID card, find a medical facility to support their needs, or help employers understand what PTSD really means.  A combat veteran who helps with our campaign reminds me that 3 key leadership traits of Special Operations warriors are:  (1) Strive to be a good listener; (2) If in charge take charge, and (3) Be a servant leader.  Get out from behind a desk and know your people and let them know you.  I hope this brief blog will help you get to know me and the values I cherish.

Again, enjoy this Special Weekend.  At this time, please pay tribute to our armed forces as we celebrate our independence, liberties and the freedoms that make our country great.