The North Korean Morass

United States Senator John McCain calls the obnoxious leader of that failed dictatorshipthe "crazy fat kid running North Korea."  That kind of diatribe is not helpful.  What is clear is that Kim Jon-un, after years of being coddled and literally fed by the Obama Administration, has decided to test the resolve of the United States of America, which it hasn't seen in years from someone "leading from behind."  That is not leadership; it is a forfeiture of this country's unique role to help lead a peaceful world.  What is necessary is immediately providing enhanced air defense support to South Korea and Japan, holding frequent summits of Asian leaders to discuss their roles in area security, and growing the numbers of our naval combatant vessels (Reagan -- remember him? -- argued for a 600 ship navy.)  We now have 273 ships and their readiness is questionable.  Our aging fleet needs 60 more ships than currently in inventory and their depleted readiness must be improved.  With Russia and China each extending their naval presence in that part of the world, the United States of America should dare not forfeit its presence there.