First Address

In the coming weeks, in some very brief blogs, I will highlight many of the issues plaguing this nation that I will tackle when you give me the privilege of representing you as Indiana's next senator.

Yes, were I your US Senator today, I would immediately announce my unqualified support for Neil Gorsuch for the next Supreme Court justice.  I would not have to wait for Speaker Ryan or Senator Schumer to tell me what to think or how to vote.  Our collective Hoosier values would have already made that decision clear.  You have no doubt heard Joe Donnelly say repeatedly that he is thoughtfully analyzing this nomination and will wait to hear what comes from the hearings before he makes up his mind.  Nonsense!  Senator Donnelly knows that Judge Gorsuch, while not exactly Anton Scalia, is the best qualified person to be nominated for the SCOTUS in decades.  Senator Donnelly also knows that he is supposed to vote no -- Senator Schumer has told him so -- and help the progressives delay the inevitable Trump selection.  But  Donnelly also knows that Hoosiers want Judge Gorsuch in, and Donnelly is up for reelection next time, so he tries to be the reasoned Senator and quietly gets direction from Senator Schumer to vote yes without being damaged in the party.  That is why Joe Donnelly needs to go.  I will vote with you.